Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Collage Sheet PNG

I've made a new .PNG collage sheet. I plan on making a lot more PNG's. They're so handy when you're using them digitally, perfect for blog and banner design :)
This is a nice mixture of Victorian oddities, and you don't have to worry about digitally cutting them out, I've done that for you already and the background is transparent! How handy is that? :)

.PNG file $3.00


  1. I just found your etsy shop and I love your designs - I know what I want to get - just saving a few extra dollars to get them - also will you be making any more dark label sheets - I saw the ones below in a previous entry and I think my daughter would love to create her own jars using those labels - love your designs!!!

  2. a warm hello from europe/austria ...!!
    i just looove your images !!!
    it´s great you have a blog now !!!
    I´ll visit often...
    hugs mina mrs. house 21 ;-.)